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50prompts "After The Accident"

For Table Prompt #13 - "Accident"

Heidi sat up in bed listening to the doctors tell her she may never be able to walk again. The accident and everything since seemed so surreal to her but now her life was starting to normalise again and they were ready to progress into the healing stage.

Her eyes wandered over to her husband Nathan who was outside talking to one of the other doctors, he had been so distant since the accident Heidi knew it was because he blamed himself for the fact that he got thrown from the car and ended up without a scratch on him. She would tell him a million times that it was just one of those things; that he wasn’t responsible but Nathan would never believe that.

“Mom!” Simon called out as he and his little brother Monty rushed into the room, climbing up onto the bed beside her.

Heidi nodded thanks to the doctor and smiled at her boys, giving them both a hug “There are my boys.” She kissed them both on the forehead “How was school?”

“Boring.” Monty answered and snuggled into her side.

“When can you come home, mom?” Simon asked.

Heidi cupped his face and smiled “Soon I hope.” She had been in the hospital for a month now; she really wanted to go home. Good came out of every situation and the good that would come out of this was it would give Heidi more time to spend with her sons.

Nathan entered the room and gave his family a smile “Kids, why don’t you go out and keep Grandma Company while I talk to your mom?”

The boys nodded, Monty climbed off the bed and ran out to where Angela was waiting near the nurses’ station.

Simon was a little slower to react, not quite ready to leave his mother just yet.

Heidi squeezed her eldest son’s hand “It’s okay honey, you go on.”

Simon nodded and hopped down moving past his father on the way out.

Nathan smiled, giving Heidi a kiss on the forehead. “How are you doing?”

Heidi smiled and closed her eyes as he did so “I’m okay, tired. What did the doctor say?”

Nathan nodded “Everything is set for you to come home.”

Heidi smiled, immediately relaxing “Oh thank god.”

“Heidi…” Nathan took her hand, squeezing it.

Heidi frowned and wondered why he felt so much guilt. She returned his touch and rubbed her thumb over his hand “It’ll be okay.”

Nathan smiled and nodded “Of course. I’ll leave you to get some rest for now, I’ll be back later.”
Heidi wanted him to stay longer but she simply nodded, her husband was a busy man. “I love you.”

Nathan smiled “I love you too.”


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