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50prompts "The Call"

For Table Prompt #42 - "Lonely"

Heidi finished her work and pushed it aside, looking at the clock 2 am she really hadn’t thought it to be so late. She snuggled back into her bed and tried to sleep but for some reason found it hard to. Heidi glanced over at the telephone and wondered if Gabriel would be awake at such an early hour. Taking a chance she reached over and picked up the phone.

At first Gabriel thought the phone ringing was part of his dream and got frustrated when he couldn’t answer it. He blinked awake and reached over to pick up the phone before Elle zapped it into pieces.

“Hello?” Gabriel said sleepily into the receiver.

“I didn’t wake you did I?” Heidi asked, leaning forward a little bit.

Gabriel looked at the time and shook his head “No, no of course not. What has you up so late?” He asked as he got out of bed, stretching in an effort to wake himself up.

Heidi shrugged “I couldn’t sleep.” She sat up in her silk pyjamas with an arm wrapped around her legs. When Heidi first found out that Gabriel was Nathan’s brother she was surprised to say the least but once she got to know him, she found a kindred spirit; they could talk about anything, they had the same sense of humour, it was a welcomed addition to her life that happened at a time when she needed family support the most.

“That’s been happening a lot lately,” Gabriel said concerned “Are you feeling alright?” He cared about Heidi like she was his own sister; he would hate to think she was ill.

“I’m okay, just lonely I guess.” Heidi didn’t date much, she could have she was a very attractive woman but she didn’t because even though it had been years since their divorce, Heidi still carried a torch for her husband Nathan.

“Ah.” Was all Gabriel could really say, there wasn’t much he could do to resolve that problem. For a moment he felt bad, the fact that when he was with Elle they flaunted their happy marriage in front of Heidi but he knew she didn’t mind; she adored both of them and it made her feel better knowing they were so well suited “I wish I could help Hei.”

“Just talking helps.” Heidi smiled; Gabriel had the most soothing voice.

Gabriel smiled back at the compliment “So what would you like? I could read you green eggs and ham or I can go right into the afterhours stuff and ask you what you’re wearing.”

Heidi burst out laughing “Phone sex, really? That’s how you pay your bills? I knew it wasn’t just the alchemy.”

She had the prettiest laugh Gabriel thought and joined in “Oh yeah baby, like that?”

Heidi snorted “Okay, you can stop now. Thanks Gabriel for talking to me.”

“Any time.” He walked back over to be bed to sit down “Are you going to be alright?”

Heidi sighed “Yeah, I’ll be fine. Give my love to Elle.”

“I will goodnight Heidi.”

“Goodnight Gabriel.”

As Gabriel hung up the phone, he happened to notice the date on the calendar; March 19th, Heidi and Nathan’s wedding anniversary.

((Gabriel Gray is fromheavencame and is used with permission and thanks!))


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