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50prompts "Peter & Wendy"

For Table Prompt #03 - "Wind"

Heidi stood out on the balcony looking up at the moon. The move back to New York was a necessary one although she was sure her absence from the White House would be questioned but she wasn’t about to go back there now, the truth was out and Heidi figured she and her sons would be safer on home turf then they ever were in Washington.

She walked over to her desk and sat down, pouring herself another glass of wine. A breeze blew in through the window and Heidi smiled “Well, if it isn’t Peter Pan.” She said into the empty room, only Heidi knew she wasn’t alone.

Peter made himself visible to his sister-in-law and gave her a nod “Wendy.” He greeted her with the nickname he had given to her in better days. “Heidi I…How long have you known?” Peter himself had only just realised that Sylar was Nathan; Heidi had been in close proximity to him for years she must have cottoned on long before that.

Heidi crossed her arms in front of her and shrugged “It must have been about three years now.”

Her answer surprised him “Why didn’t you try to contact me?” Peter asked, he would have come and taken Heidi and the kids somewhere safe.

“You might not have noticed this Pete, but you’re kind of public enemy one through ten. Not contacting you was the best thing for all concerned.” She got up and walked over to him reaching out to lightly run her finger over the scar that marked his face, this was the first time in four years that she had actually seen her brother-in-law “You look old.”

Peter gave her a small smile “You look the same. What will you do now?”

“Tend to my duties of First Lady, raise my sons, get reacquainted with long lost family members.” She dropped her hands and smiled “I hope we’ll get to see more of you now, the kids would adore it.”

Peter nodded and watched as she walked back over to get her wine glass “How are you so calm Heidi? After learning what happened…”

Taking a sip of her drink, Heidi sucked her lips “I think it’s the empathy, it helps me deal.” a normal person would have broken down by now but Heidi’s newfound empathic ability and the need to protect her sons from Sylar outweighed the grief.

Peter smirked, the empathy. He had always thought it came naturally; it never occurred to him that Heidi might have a latent ability but looking back on it, the night of the accident when he woke up suddenly it was because he felt his sister-in-law’s pain.

Peter tilted his head as if he were listening to something outside “The feds are watching the house, I should go.”

“Don’t be a stranger Pete, I mean it.”

Peter nodded “I won’t be, I promise.” Now that he had his family back, he wasn’t going to lose them again. He gave her a nod and made himself invisible again.

“Goodnight Wendy.” Peter said softly as he stepped out onto the balcony, propelling himself up into the sky causing a gust of wind to blow through the window.

Heidi smiled “Goodnight Peter.”

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It was really lovely to see that they stay together, even though well, Nathan isn't exactly around and all. <_< I love it. <3

Yeah in the game it was based on, Heidi and Peter still remained close.

Awww. I really liked that a lot. Adorable and bittersweet.

Hee, thank you! It's one of my favourite pieces based on an rpg I used to play in.

Awww. That's really cool, that sounds like an awesome fun verse.

Alas that game has long since disappeared ;_; it was pretty awesome though Heidi with her empathic abilities actually hurt Sylar once :D

Aw, sad :( Ooooh, LOL, that's pretty awesome.

Yup, Sylar shot her friend in the arm/ripped it out of its socket and Heidi was like :O and made him feel her friend's pain.

omg. Well good job... he deserved it. *twitch* Go Heidi.

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