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50prompts "Convention"

For Table Prompt #50, Writer's Choice: Trek

Heidi stood in front of the mirror, fixing her hair and putting in the earpiece that would complete her costume. Standing up straight she smoothed out her Star Trek uniform and smiled at her reflection “How are you going back there, Elle?” She asked her friend who was accompanying her to the convention.

“Okay, but why do you get to be Uhura?” Elle asked as she walked out in the short blue uniform and knee high boots “Are you looking to get with Spock?” Spock in this case being Elle’s husband, Gabriel.

“Elle come on, I love you both too much to come between you.” Heidi smiled “No, I just figured Uhura had black hair, I have black hair. Nurse Chapel had blonde hair and you have blonde hair.” She smiled fixing Elle’s hair “And you look really good in blue.”

Elle did a little turn and smiled “Yeah, you’re right. We are so going to win that costume competition.” She said excitedly. At first, Elle wasn’t too keen about going out to the convention but now she was in the uniform, she found she was looking forward to it.

The girls were busy primping in the mirror; they didn’t see Gabriel enter the room behind them “Ladies.”

Elle and Heidi turned around and stared at Gabriel in awe, he looked like he had been ripped out of the show itself. “That is extraordinary.” Heidi smiled and walked around him, admiring his attention to detail “Elle, you never told me your husband was Vulcan.”

“Half-Vulcan.” Gabriel corrected, smiling that his costume had been so well received “You both look fantastic as well; I’ll have to keep an eye on you when we arrive so you don’t get kidnapped by Klingons.”

“Then you would get to save us, Commander.” Elle beamed and leaned up to give her husband a light kiss on the lips “Come on, we should be going.” The trio headed downstairs and Elle spotted her son Noah on the couch, studying “Noah, honey. Take our picture?”

Noah looked up at his parents and his aunt and shook his head “I’m disowning the lot of you,” he smiled and picked up the camera “Say live long and prosper.”

“Live long and prosper.” The trio beamed as the flash went off. Elle moved to Noah’s side and looked at the picture he took “Fantastic! We should get going.” She kissed her son on the cheek “There’s food in the fridge if you get hungry.”

Noah nodded thanks “You guys have fun.”

The convention centre was packed and quite a shock to the first time goers, Heidi looked around at everything “Oh wow, this place is massive. It’ll take us three days to cover everything.” Heidi commented as a green alien walked passed them. She turned to Elle and both women squeed together.

“Maybe we should split up; we’ll cover more ground that way.” Gabriel suggested he wanted to go see the guest panel and figured the girls could take their time shopping.

“Sounds like a plan.” Elle nodded “We’ll catch back up to you later.” She kissed Gabriel on the cheek and then waved as Heidi pulled her towards one of the booths.

Two hours later, Gabriel wandered out of the panel looking for Elle and Heidi.

“Oh look, there he is! Gabriel!” Heidi called out and the girls walked towards him, big smiles on their faces “Look, we got tribbles!” Heidi beamed holding hers up for Gabriel to look at.

Elle snickered “These nerds were going to pay us a thousand dollars to make out with each other, I love this place.” When Gabriel didn’t reply, Elle cocked her head concerned “Gabriel, what is it?”

Gabriel swallowed “I just met Leonard Nimoy.”

“Oh god, the poor boy is in shock.” Heidi noticed and made her way over to the bar to get her brother-in-law a drink.

Elle shook her head at Gabriel. “You’re a big goof. What was he like?” Elle asked, playing with Gabriel’s hair to calm him down.

Gabriel wet his lips trying to remember “Well I told him my name, and then I think I told him I loved him?” It just sort of came out, he didn’t mean for it to happen but Gabriel got lost in the moment.

Heidi returned with a drink, smiling at Gabriel “Here we go, a Cardassian Sunrise. Basically it’s vodka and orange, these guys know how to party.” She smirked and handed him the glass.

As Gabriel chugged down the drink, Elle saw Leonard Nimoy excited the conference room making his way through the crowd. She smiled excitedly sending a jolt though her husband’s arm. “Look! It’s him.” Gabriel was going to get a second chance at his hero even if Elle had to electrocute everyone there.

“Oh Mr. Nimoy!” Heidi called out and walked towards him, offering him a big smile “Could we perhaps get a picture with you?”

Leonard Nimoy smiled at Heidi “I’m not one to turn down a pretty lady.”

Heidi beamed and waved Elle and Gabriel over “My sister and brother-in-law, he’s like your biggest fan.”

Leonard smiled and nodded “We met briefly before, yes.” He shook Gabriel’s hand “Gabriel wasn’t it?”

He swallowed “Yes sir.”

“He’s usually more talkative than this, you’ve wowed him. Hi I’m Elle.” The blonde smiled. Leonard smiled back, kissing her hand.

Heidi asked one of the bystanders who was dressed as a Andorian to take their picture. She stood next to Leonard while Elle had her arm around Gabriel, though it at this point she was mostly holding him up so he didn’t faint.

After the picture was taken Leonard apologised to the crowd for he had another function to attend. “It was a pleasure meeting you ladies, and you Gabriel.”

The girls waved him off and Elle looked up at Gabriel “Home time I think, Gabriel looks a little wired.”

“He’s overstimulated.” Heidi was pretty sure he wasn’t expecting events to unfold as they did. “Okay, let’s get out of here.”

On the drive home, Elle gave Gabriel a shock trying to get more than two words out of him “Amazing, it’s like he has gone into a happy coma.”

Heidi smirked and looked at her friends sitting in the back seat “Have a good day, Gabriel?”

Gabriel leaned back against the seat, looking up at the car ceiling “Best. Day. Ever.”

((Gabriel Gray is fromheavencame, Elle Gray is shockinglygray and Noah Gray is ticktockchange, used with permission and thanks!))

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*gigglefits* I'm so glad you liked it! &hearts It needed to be written!

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